Kim Tavendale (Libertarian)

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Do you support school policies and funding that increase the availability of mental health services in schools and early childhood settings?
  • In conjunction with parental involvement, early intervention in mental health issues can be helpful in some cases.
Do you support additional funding for follow-up care for individuals after a suicide attempt or overdose?
  • Additional funding from where? Are you proposing to increase taxation? Are you advocating for insurance coverage to include follow-up care?
Do you support extreme risk protection orders?
  • It depends on how the law is worded and who can make an accusation of someone being a dangerous person. Due process must be very carefully observed when you are advocating stripping someone of their rights.
Do you support strengthening laws and transparency requirements compelling insurance companies to provide coverage for the treatment of mental health and substance use disorders that is equal to the coverage provided for a physical illness?
  • I support transparency requirements, but no one should be compelled to purchase something they don’t want to pay for.
Do you support strengthening requirements that insurance companies have enough mental health and substance use professionals to guarantee their members have a choice of provider?
  • This is something that can be solved by bringing market forces to bear on an industry rather than regulating it.
Do you support requirements that hospitals and other providers report information on treatment availability to help individuals, hospitals and law enforcement locate available treatment for people in crisis?
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Do you support providing state funds to expand capacity for mental health and substance use treatment in underserved areas of the state?
  • Respondent skipped this question
Do you support additional state investments in affordable housing with supportive services for people with mental health or substance use disorders?
  • Respondent skipped this question