On the menu

February 2, 2018

Put 100 people in a gold-domed building. Add a mix of ideologies, a dash of political intrigue, and $30 billion. Simmer for 120 days.

That’s a recipe for Colorado’s 71st General Assembly, whose second regular session is now underway.

What’s cooking? We invite you to find out: join Mental Health Colorado on Tuesday, Feb. 6 for a live webinar.

Even if you can’t make it then, you can track—and shape—the legislature’s decisions by visiting our new advocacy page. Follow key bills, contact state lawmakers, and learn more about mental health and substance use policy.

On this month’s docket: proposals to curb the opioid epidemic, reduce the risk of suicide, and improve access to care. One of the bills we’re supporting—a plan that would allow Coloradans to provide or receive telepsychology services across state lines—will face its first vote next week.

Make sure your representative and senator hear from you before they vote. If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.

-Andrew Romanoff

February 2, 2018