Sonya Jaquez Lewis (D)

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Do you support additional funding for follow-up care for individuals after a suicide attempt or overdose?
  • YesI am personally impacted by this issue. My sister and my niece have tried to commit suicide. We must offer more services to adults and teenagers. And as an LGBTQ Candidate, I am very aware that LGBTQII teens and young adults are more at risk for suicide. We must do more.
Do you support extreme risk protection orders?
  • YesYes !! I have been endorsed in my race by Mom’s Demand Action and Everytown and Ceasefire Colorado. I have pledged to work on passage of a Red Flag law in Colorado. We had a bipartisan bill last session and the GOP senate stopped it. We must protect out families and children.
Do you support strengthening laws and transparency requirements compelling insurance companies to provide coverage for the treatment of mental health and substance use disorders that is equal to the coverage provided for a physical illness?
  • YesWe thought the ACA would solve the mental health disparity but more needs to be done to assure that access to services is equal. As a Latina candidate, I also know that we need more multilingual Mental health providers are needed.
Do you support strengthening requirements that insurance companies have enough mental health and substance use professionals to guarantee their members have a choice of provider?
  • YesYes, and now the US Congress has passed a bill giving more financial assistance to States to help expand mental health facilities. It will be important to elect State House and Senate members who are committed to expanding services.
Do you support requirements that hospitals and other providers report information on treatment availability to help individuals, hospitals and law enforcement locate available treatment for people in crisis?
  • YesYes. Similar to the question above, we need to utilize the newly authorized US funding to assist ER and law enforcement officers looking for citizen treatment options.
Do you support providing state funds to expand capacity for mental health and substance use treatment in underserved areas of the state?
  • YesYes, mental health impacts so many other areas in our lives. Our work force, Family care, children’s education. We must expand capacity.
Do you support additional state investments in affordable housing with supportive services for people with mental health or substance use disorders?
  • YesOne of my three priorities in running is to address the Affordable housing crisis in Colorado. I hope we can find some creative financial solutions like the establishment of a Affordable Housing Trust Fund. Other states do it. We can learn from best practices.