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Randy and Ellen Kenworthy

Randy and Ellen Kenworthy have been married for 26 years and have spent 23 of them in the beautiful state of Colorado.  They have one daughter, Alexandra, who lives and works in Los Angeles. Randy and Ellen were moved to help individuals recovering from substance use disorders in the local community based on their nephew Ross’s story. Ross is an honorably discharged veteran who conquered his own personal battles with substance abuse through treatment, therapy, 12 step work and sober living. Ross’s passion for life and his intense desire to aide others battling addiction inspired Randy and Ellen to get involved and partner with Ross to form ...

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Michael Ditchfield

Michael Ditchfield is a humanitarian, best-selling author, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur and former professional athlete. He is originally from Lancashire, England. Ditchfield believes we all need to be involved in a cause that is tangible to us and that we gravitate toward. One of his guides and teachers was Denver restaurateur and philanthropist, Noel Cunningham. Cunningham took his own life in December of 2011. Ditchfield says Cunningham’s death was, and still is, tangible to him. After Cunningham’s death he experienced depression and remorse. He did get help and talked to professionals in the field. Ditchfield says we have to do ...

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Zaidy Charron

Zaidy Charron is proud to be a Colorado native. She recently graduated with a degree in Communications with minors in Business and Spanish from Tulane University. While studying at Tulane she saw many issues regarding mental health services on campus.  Charron became a strong advocate for change when crisis hit during the 2014-15 school year. That year, four students took their lives by suicide.  She then participated in university-wide discussions to create more programs that target students with mental health issues and worked to find ways to improve the services already provided to those students. Charron is also a Daniels Fund ...

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