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10:00 AM | Welcome—Vincent Atchity, President & CEO, Mental Health Colorado & Nancy Jackson, Arapahoe County Commissioner

10:10 AM | Introductions, Context & Direction, Plan for the Day—Vincent Atchity

Colorado Course Corrections 2016  Colorado Course Corrections 2019

10:20 AM | Spotlight: Housing First—Kristin Toombs, Division of Housing, Colorado Department of Local Affairs 

State Homeless Response Strategy, The Playbook  Justice Involvement Overview  Built for Zero

10:30 AM | Chris Richardson, STAR Program, Denver

STAR Program – Discussion Materials

10:40 AM | Co-Responders

-Sheriff Joe Pelle, Boulder County
-Chief Rick Brandt, Evans Police Department & Kimberly Collins, North Range Behavioral Health, Weld County
-Sheriff Jaime FitzSimons, Summit County
-Sheriff Tony Spurlock & Barbara Drake, Douglas County
Chief Dwight Henninger & Chris Lindley – Vail Health, Eagle County  
-Sheriff Bill Elder and Janet Huffor, El Paso County

Boulder County Co-Responder Team – Discussion Materials  El Paso County Co-Responder – Discussion Materials  Douglas County Community Response Team

11:10 AM | Alternative to Jail (Access to Care) Solutions

Laurie Stolen, Director, Behavioral Health Services & Dr. Lesley Brooks, SummitStone, Larimer County 

11:20 AM| Discussion – Barriers & Solutions

-Behavioral Health Task Force Blueprint Alignment – Dr. Robert Werthwein, Director, Office of Behavioral Health

12:10 PM | Questions & Answers

12: 20 PM | KEYNOTE – Judge Steve Leifman, Equitas National Advisor, Miami-Dade County, Florida

12:50 PM | Prosecutor-Led Diversion

– District Attorney Michael T. Dougherty, 20th Judicial District, Boulder County
– Elaina Shively, Director of Restorative Justice & Diversion Programs, Boulder County
– District Attorney Beth McCann, Denver County

Mental Health Diversion Program – Discussion Materials  Adult Diversion Programs – Discussion Materials

1:10 PM | Discussion – Barriers & Solutions

-Behavioral Health Task Force Blueprint Alignment – Dr. Robert Werthwein, Director, Office of Behavioral Health

1:30 PM | Questions & Answers

1:40 PM |Spotlights

-Bridges Program, Jennifer Turner, State Court Administrator’s Office
-Judicial Education in Mental Health, Judge Jonathan Shamis, Lake County
-Medication Consistency – Dr. Patrick Fox, Equitas National Advisor, Colorado Community Health Alliance
-Jail-Based Behavioral Health Services & Forensic Services Team – Office of Behavioral Health Director of -Forensic Services Jagruti Shah, Forensic Support Team Director Amanda Meyers

Bridges Program – Discussion Materials   Forensic Support Team – Discussion Materials  Jail Based Behavioral Health – Discussion Materials

1:55 PM | Thanks and Next Steps – Vincent Atchity

1:59 PM | First and Last Mention: Housing

Alison George, Director, Division of Housing, Colorado Department of Local Affairs 

2:00 PM Adjourn


Other Mental Health and Criminal Justice Resources

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