Mental health support for all Coloradans.  A safety net ready for friends, family, and neighbors every time behavioral health services are needed. It can be done, and the time for leadership is now – we are the ones with the ability, and the responsibility, to make it happen.

It can be done. Because behavioral health is health, not something that is specialized nor something that is different, unique. Behavioral health is not something done by someone else, somewhere else, for someone else.  All health care providers are in the business of behavioral health. Because behavioral health is all of us; we all have a right to behavioral health care and well-being.

We can do better in Colorado – it can be done: Timely, personalized, behavioral health access and choice can be made available to all Coloradans – regardless of their coverage status or personal means. Including for people with co-occurring diagnoses, dual diagnoses, severe and persistent mental illness – any diagnoses.  Any needs whatsoever.

Strong leadership and commitment by policy makers is driving change at all levels and in all communities throughout Colorado. We have a tremendous opportunity to reform the current delivery and financing system for behavioral health services – and drive improved accountability to communities for access, choice and outcomes. Because behavioral health care requires inclusion, transparency and performance. We will never stop investigating gaps in care – but we have learned enough to take action, now. Behavioral health is up to all of us, and there is no place for bullying. It takes everyone. Independent providers. Traditional providers. Law enforcement. Human services. Health care systems. Primary care. County leaders. Community stakeholders. Schools. Educators. Consumers. Taxpayers. And voters.

It can be done. We can do better here in Colorado. We are ALL the “safety net” and the time for change is now. The time for leadership is now. The time for courage is now. Together, we demand better.

Stand up for your friends. Your neighbors. Your loved ones. We stand for better.  Please stand with us – and Mental Health Colorado – in our mission.

Thank you,

Rocky Mountain Health Plans