Jonathan & Julia Gordon

It is our honor to be asked to be co-chairs of the 2018 Tribute Gala. Mental Health Colorado matches our vision and passion in advocating for those individuals with mental health disorders. For too long, mental health has been stigmatized and minimized for many reasons that are no longer acceptable. It is a right to expect and receive quality care for symptoms of mental illness just as one would for symptoms affecting physical health. Our work on the Board of Directors of Mental Health Colorado—or asking our political leaders to support and promote policies and bills that care for our friends, family, and community members who need quality mental health care—aligns completely with our lifelong philosophy and passion.

We have devoted much of our community lives to the health and welfare of those in need. During a career in Family Medicine, we integrated Behavior Medicine Specialists into Primary Care clinics at Kaiser Permanente Colorado. While serving on Kaiser’s national depression guideline committee, we made screening tools for depression and anxiety a priority. We also care for hospice patients and participate in the Family Connections Program that provides education and guidance for loved ones who have Borderline Personality.

We are grateful to have two extraordinary children, Lili and Matthew, who give us much delight and much to think about. Thank you for joining us to celebrate the accomplishments and vision of Mental Health Colorado. Your support means the mission will continue.