Lead the way, Colorado

It’s hard to imagine amid the sound and fury in Washington. But in Colorado, at least, it’s still possible for Republicans and Democrats to team up and make a difference.

Two of the bills slated for action at the State Capitol next week take aim at mental illness, from different directions. I’m asking you to help us pass both of them.

Senate Bill 21 would provide housing assistance and reentry services for Coloradans who have serious mental health or substance use disorders and are transitioning from incarceration. Such programs reduce homelessness and recidivism. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Beth Martinez Humenik (R-Thornton), is scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Feb. 15.

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Senate Bill 68 would make it easier for elementary schools to hire mental health professionals, train staff on substance use prevention, and connect students to counseling and treatment. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Nancy Todd (D-Aurora), faces its first vote in the Senate Education Committee on Feb. 16.

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With a Congress in turmoil and a President all atwitter, the feds could learn a lot from Colorado. Let’s show them the way.