Legislation We Oppose 2022

HB22-1106 Concealed Handguns on School Grounds: removes the limitation of concealed carry permit holders carrying concealed handguns on public school grounds. The bill prohibits a local government from prohibiting carrying a concealed handgun on school grounds by a person who has a valid concealed carry permit.

HB22-1065 Emergency Mental Health Treatment Evaluation Standard: changes the standard for an emergency 72-hour mental health commitment for treatment and evaluation to include when a person appears to have a mental health disorder or be gravely disabled and, as a result of such mental health disorder or being gravely disabled, appears to present an imminent or substantial risk of harm to self or others.

HB22-1130 Exception to Employer Sick Leave Requirement: recreates the exception
for employers with fewer than 16 employees to not have to offer sick leave to their employees to apply in perpetuity.

HB22-1236 Parent’s Bill of Rights: establishes a parent’s bill of rights that sets forth specific parental rights related to directing the upbringing, education, and health care of a minor child, which requires a board of education of a school district to be in consultation with parents, teachers, and administrators, and to develop and adopt a policy to promote the involvement of parents of the enrolled minor child.